Film Production

16+ years
film productions classes make your own film editing

Exploring the foundations of film production including storyboards, scriptwriting, camera work, editing, set design & music to take your story from page to stage! An exciting, practical and interactive class where creative expression and storytelling is the foundation to creating amazing short films!

*This class can be paid once-off or over 3 or 12 months
*Classes are once a week

Please choose your preferred date for your Pro-Rata Trial lesson/ Starting date for class enrollment. If you have chosen a mid-term starting date, pro-rata fees will be debited to your account by our office

T’s & Cs apply

Needs: Laptop, A4 flip file & Note book

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Please be advised that all new clients who sign up for our services will incur a one-time registration fee of R350 and will be provided with a complimentary
New Rising Arts T-shirt.

Kindly remit your registration fee in-person upon collection of your T-shirt at our premises.