Proceeds from selected products & services of Pheonix Sports Academy go towards our registered NPO that’s just been inducted into the Big G Sports “Grassroots Legends Hall of Fame”

Phoenix Sports Academy team

About Us

New Rising Enterprises was established in 2019 by power-couple Tashai & Illona Simons to create a healthy flow of wealth to where it’s most needed by offering enriching products & services to upper & middle class individuals with proceeds going to community programs run by registered NPO Phoenix Sports Academy.

“He who has a “why” can overcome any “how””
Friedrich Nietzsche


Our WHY?

Phoenix Sports Academy was founded in 2018 by Illona & Tashai Simons who both have a passion for community work. This has been Illona’s dream for several years as she grew up in the very community that we serve. This is where ripple effects become noticeable, as Illona got a chance to change her life through a scholarship by a similar foundation as a child, and now returns to her own community to pay it forward. As a business minded individual like Tashai creates a business model to build into community programs in a sustainable way.

Our aim WAS to run a consistent and sustainable Sports Development Program providing children from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to participate in recreational and competitive team sports while contributing to the overall well-being of the community. However, every time we spent time with our young ones, we realized there was another need left unmet, so we updated our vision.

Non-Profit Organization registration number – 219-837 (NPO)

Public Benefit Organisations registration number – 930074973 (PBO)

Our Vision

Our vision is to raise a new generation of healthy, happy, and confident children who believe that they are capable of anything they put their minds on. Whether through Sport or Arts or changing the world a little through the sunshine they bring. To offer children a safe space where they are free to play and find a healthy passion, in a community where alcohol, drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, and crime forces them to grow up very quickly. We aim to work alongside community leaders and other programs to meet each child’s needs on every level whole walking a path with them through adolescence and finally young adulthood, providing training, job opportunities and resources to build sustainable livelyhoods.


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