16+ years

The fundamental principles of Pilates are based in developing a mind body connection and deep awareness of the body in movement. With a focus on breath, we use this to develop core strength and create balance in strength and mobility. When we use concentration and control, we achieve harmonies, precise and efficient movement as we flow through our practice. It’s effective for rehabilitating injuries. Improving Flexibility, Posture and building lean muscle.

Classes run weekly during school terms.

Needs: Water Bottle, Towel, Yoga Mat and Appropriate Fitness Wear.

Payment per term/annum or by monthly installment.

Shopping Basket


Please be advised that all new clients who sign up for our services will incur a one-time registration fee of R350 and will be provided with a complimentary
New Rising Arts T-shirt.

Kindly remit your registration fee in-person upon collection of your T-shirt at our premises.